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How successful would you be if you played a game without knowing the rules?

Sadly, your best chance of winning would be through random luck, but losing would be more common.

You would just be doing something without knowing what works, then hoping for the best result.

It would suck and be frustrating.

The game of life also has certain rules and understanding them makes everything much easier.

These rules are known as spiritual laws. They govern the essence of manifesting desires.

They’re used by top businessmen, the best seducers, the greatest athletes, the most talented movie stars and many others.

You’ll see that this is true if you do your own research

Even though I and many others refer to these as spiritual laws, they contain practical psychological advice.

Cutting-edge science also provides evidence that supports the existence of these laws.

Therefore, they are valuable for everybody, even if you’re not into spirituality.

Knowing these laws will give you a major advantage in life. If you want to be better at meeting girls, they’re vital to know and apply.

Here I will present 3 spiritual laws and connect them to advice that will help you attract women.

The law of vibration

This first spiritual law states that our world is one giant ocean of vibrating energy.

Even though we experience solid matter, everything is in constant motion and vibration.

Nothing is static in our reality.

The different levels of vibration cause the different manifestations of matter, energy, mind and spirit.

Basically, that covers all the things in the universe – you, a girl, fire, water, your cat, a computer, light – and whatever you can think of.

Everything has it’s own vibration.

Due to this unique vibration, it can be experienced as a separate thing. We experience things outside of us because they vibrate at a different level.

Interestingly, Quantum Physics supports the existence of the law of vibration. At the subatomic level, scientists can’t find solid matter.

It’s all energy, moving rapidly within empty space.

This fact leads to the realization that we’re also made of energy. The good thing is that we can use our consciousness to make our energy more positive.

To do this, it’s best to focus on the part of yourself that creates the strongest energy. Do you know what creates the most powerful energy field in your body?

Well, the most intuitive answer would be the brain, since it gives us most of our cognitive abilities. The brain, however, finishes in second place – your heart is the strongest.

Studies of the Hearth Math Institute indicate that the heart’s electrical field is 60 times stronger. It’s magnetic field is even 100 times stronger than that of the brain.

When you interact with girls, the field of your heart has a big impact. They’ll feel good or bad energy from a mile away.

Your heart, of course, corresponds to the feelings you have. Therefore, the way you feel will have a big impact on how people feel around you.

Everyone’s energy fields are connected, and everybody influences each other. Ultimately, on a subtle and subconscious level, there’s a constant exchange of energy.

Energy Management

It’s essential to build a good energy within yourself so that your energy field is of high vibration.

If you’re a guy with an awesome vibe, it will be much easier to attract women.

This “raising of your vibration” starts with ridding yourself of low-vibration energy. It’s a crucial step to take.

Unless you do this, the lower-vibration habits will hold you back. This is something you want to avoid.

Low-vibration energy comes in many forms, but holding grudges against girls is one of the most destructive.

A grudge, which contains anger and resentment, can develop during life or when you try to become better at meeting girls.

Especially when you try to improve your interactions with girls, it might not be easy. You’re sure to get some negative reactions.

Some girls will reject you. Other’s might flake out before dates, and some might be bitchy when you talk to them.

It’s easy to develop a negative attitude towards girls when these things happen.

To become better with girls, it’s essential you resolve these negative feelings.

Try to understand that girls are only human and that they’re also trying to live their life. Some girls won’t like you, and that’s something you shouldn’t take personally.

And yes … I understand that rejection can be a negative experience. It can be painful to endure when you’re doing your best to improve.

I also understand that girls who flake can be annoying. One minute they seem all into you, and the next thing you know they have to babysit their little nephew – just before your date.

Afterwards, they always seem busy. And the interaction dies out.

Damn.. and you really liked this girl.

It’s a bummer, but it happens to all of us. Especially to guys who put themselves out there and who take action to improve.

The point is to not let these kind of experiences create resentment towards girls. Even if you think it’s justified, it won’t help you on your journey.

Acknowledge it, learn from it, forgive the girl – and let it go.

Manage negative feedback so that you train yourself to release it. Believe me, it helps a lot.

While clearing negative vibrations is crucial, it’s also key to consciously create positive vibrations.

I recommend you build a routine where you intentionally generate positive emotions. Don’t leave it to chance.

A powerful routine, one that I do almost every day, is to express gratitude for your life. I do it every morning and in the evening.

In the morning, I think of a few things in general that I’m thankful for.

These are often things I take for granted – like being able to walk, having a beating heart and the fact that I’m alive.

I also express gratitude for things like having food on the table, having great people in my life, and being able to work on DateGrowth.

The main goal is to feel the gratitude in my heart, and amplify it. Feeling it is key to this exercise.

I find it very powerful, and I never seem to run out of things to be grateful for.

Another way I strengthen my gratitude muscles is by journaling at the end of the day. In each journal entry, I note at least 3 things about my day that were positive.

Personally, I like to use Evernote. It’s the central place for all my notes for everything.

If you want to try another digital solution, you could check out the Get Gratitude App.

Simple habits for an awesome night out

To keep your energy high-vibration during a night out, you can implement a few simple habits.

One effective way to maintain positive energy is to make things funny for yourself. Try to find the humor in what you’re doing.

When you talk to a girl, try to mess with the situation a bit. Make it amusing for yourself.

Laugh about it, and don’t take it so seriously.

A big part of this is the ability to reframe situations. You can start doing this by asking yourself: “What does this mean?”

If a girl rejects you when you talk to her, it shouldn’t mean you’re forever unworthy of love until your last day on earth.

Instead, it should mean that you took action and went for what you wanted. You should feel proud, because now you’re one step closer to meeting a girl who does like you.

It’s also vital to realize that this is a long game in which some nights won’t go as well as you’d hoped or expected. You don’t transform from awkward nerd to epic rockstar overnight.

Hell, I also have nights that aren’t epic. I often go home alone, but I always have fun.

That’s good enough for me. Trust me, this attitude makes life a lot easier.

If you’re okay with this and loosen up, you’ll also be able to meet more awesome girls.

It’s funny how that works.

The point is, even though you don’t meet a cool girl, you should still have a good time.

It’s a unique experience, so it’s always a great night. It’s beautiful and good, just for the experience.

The law of intention

The law of intention states that your intentions influence the external world. If you set an intention, you create a certain vibration within yourself.

In turn, this vibration attracts things of similar vibration towards you. When you change your internal world by setting an intention, it will reflect in the external world.

As within, so without.

The more positive emotions and thoughts you have, the more positive things will tend to happen.

Of course, the opposite is true for negative emotions and thoughts. Negativity attracts more negativity.

Interestingly, quantum physicists discovered evidence that supports the law of intention. They conclude that our consciousness changes the way energy in the external world behaves.

Yes, you read that right.

This discovery was made in the famous double-slit experiment. In the experiment, the observer changes the behaviour of electrons and other subatomic particles.

Everything around us is made of electrons and subatomic particles. So this means our consciousness influences the behavior of the stuff our world is made of.

This influence works through intention, which is actually a form of energy. If you set powerful intentions, you have a higher chance of manifesting it in your reality.

If you want to change your life, you do so by setting new intentions. The intentions you put out on a consistent basis create your reality over time.

How to set powerful intentions

Remember the gratitude exercise?

Well, the real power of this exercise is mixing in gratitude for things you want to have happen in the future.

You could, for example, feel gratitude for a good month of sales, an awesome upcoming weekend and having a cool experience with a girl.

Other things could be a productive day, a successful business meeting or finding a new mentor.

To make this work, it’s key to feel gratitude as if what you want has already manifested. It’s already part of your life, and you feel grateful that it is.

When you do this, your electric and magnetic fields change. It makes you a vibrational match for what you desire.

You, of course, still have to take action to make it happen, but it will have more chance of manifesting.

To implement the power of intention for meeting girls, you can give your nights out a certain intent.

You can do this by having a moment of silence before going out. Write down two things you want to work on or what you intend to feel.

After this, feel gratitude for a great night out with lots of fun and meeting awesome girls. Remember, it’s vital to feel gratitude as if these things have already happened.

You also visualize implementing the things you want to work on or what you intend to feel. Picture them in your mind as vividly as you can.

Then leave the house – and let the intention go.

The importance of psychological intent

Even though I like the spiritual view of the law of intent, the psychological perspective also has a lot of power.

In psychological terms, intent is an aim that guides your action and attention. It’s the “why” behind what you do.

Therefore, your intent determines what you focus on in the moment and what kind of challenges you take on.

In turn, the type of challenge you take on determines how you feel in the moment. This is because different types of challenges require different levels of skill to accomplish.

If your skill level matches the perceived challenge, you can enter into what positive psychologists call flow.

In flow, you’re completely immersed in the task you’re doing and feel at your best. This is what others who teach dating advice call “being in state”.

The problem is that an imbalance in your skill level and the challenge will lead to either boredom or anxiety. Anxiety in particular is something a lot of guys experience when they try to meet girls.

To become better with girls, it’s vital that you solve any imbalances that cause anxiety. This isn’t always easy, but it starts with asking yourself:

“Is my intent causing me to focus on goals that are beyond my control?”

When you focus on goals beyond your control, it will make the challenge much harder.

Examples of goals like this are:

  • Take her home to your place
  • Make her like you
  • Trigger a positive response
  • Get her to have sex with you

By design, these goals require someone (a girl) to cooperate so that you achieve these goals.

The pitfall is that focusing too much on goals like this will cause you to employ tactics and techniques to achieve them.

But the truth is, you can’t fully control these types of goals. There are a lot of reasons why a girl might not like you that are beyond your control.

Obviously, she might have a boyfriend or simply isn’t into guys like you. She could also feel bad or decide she’s going to have fun with friends tonight.

The conclusion is that she’s a human being who you can’t fully control. Don’t try it. It’s just stupid.

The intent that will (indirectly) amplify your results involves focusing on goals that are within your control. Examples of goals like this are:

  • Find out what kind of person she is
  • Express how you feel and who you are
  • Talk with her and her friends
  • Have fun and joke around

Because these goals are within your control, the perceived challenge is much lower.

You don’t have to get her to like you; you just have to talk to her and find out what kind of person she is. It’s no longer necessary to have the perfect thing to say or the most epic story to sweep a girl off her feet.

You just have to express how you feel and who you are. (Of course, you still have to do this in a socially calibrated way.)

In my experience, this kind of shift in intent will make you much more at ease in the environment. Being at ease equals confidence and, as we all know …

Girls like confidence.

The law of detachment

This final spiritual law states that in order to get something, you have to free yourself from your attachment to it.

You don’t lose your intention and desire, but you detach yourself from needing a certain result.

Freedom of outcome – another name for the law of detachment – is extremely powerful. It does, however, seem like a joke of the universe because it creates an interesting paradox.

While you should have the intent for wanting something, you also shouldn’t care about it.

It’s crazy.

It’s as if life wants to teach us freedom of outcome. If you have it, it will reward you. You’ll create suffering for yourself when you fail to integrate it.

In spiritual terms, the law of detachment allows for the manifestation of what you want.

Because if you don’t need a result, you can stop worrying about when and how it will manifest. If you worry or think a lot about what you want, it will not manifest.

When you state your intent and let it go, the universe can make it happen for you. Detachment gets your conscious mind out of the way so that the universe can work its magic.

From a psychological perspective, the law of detachment means practicing the path of least resistance. It’s your resistance to “what is” that causes your suffering. (Yes, that’s what Buddha said.)

To be better at meeting women, this is vital to understand. It creates a lot of suffering when you have mind-viruses like:

  • I should have this one girl, then I’ll be happy
  • Girls should like me and respond positively to me because that’s how it should be
  • I should take a lot of girls home otherwise I’m not cool
  • When I’ve had X amount of girls, I’ll feel like a man

Because when these expectations aren’t met, you suffer and feel like shit.

The law of detachment also works on a more basic level. When you act needy towards girls, it turns them off very quickly.

Having freedom of outcome will translate into not being needy towards girls. With it, you don’t care so much about results, like getting the girl or getting approval.

You’ll have more freedom to create awesome moments.

It makes it much easier to have fun, do crazy things and have a blast. It allows you to enjoy the moment, and it will make you more self expressive.

The process itself becomes the reward. Interacting with women will become enjoyable. So will getting challenged, being rejected and creating sexual tension.

You can joke around with whatever happens, and you’ll be more grounded.

It will make you feel free.

The secret attitude that makes the law of detachment work

It’s crucial to implement the law of detachment if you want the law of intention to work. You can set an intention, but it will not manifest when you’re too attached to the outcome.

A concept that’s great for developing more freedom of outcome is having a “through me” attitude towards goals you set.

I discovered this concept while watching entrepreneur Peter Sage on London Real, and it fits perfectly with the law of detachment.

In the interview, Peter explains that through me is a state of consciousness. In this state, you let go of the need to control how certain outcomes manifest.

You do this by realizing that the road towards success isn’t a straight line, but more like a river with bends and curves.

At times, it can seem like you’re drifting further away from your goal. Things don’t go as planned and you have setbacks.

This can look like you’re failing, but in the long run it could be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Because of that bend in the river, you now possess certain knowledge or experience that will lead you to getting what you desire.

With a through me attitude, you trust the flow of the river and allow its current to take you.

Through me also works in a way where you just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

Rather than, for example, making 50 cold calls a day to reach your sales target, you happen to meet someone at a party. Together you have a casual conversation about business.

Later it turns out that this person is the director of a large company that’s a perfect match for your product. You close the deal several days later, and you reach your target.

You can’t plan for things like that.

Ultimately, through me is about trusting that the universe will work through you to manifest a certain outcome. Hence the name, through me.

So how does this concept apply to improving with girls?

Well, if you’re currently socially inexperienced, it will take work to become a more attractive man. You’ll get rejected, and you’ll fuck up interactions and fail many times.

The point is, you have to trust the flow of the river. Your intent is to become better with girls, and this means dealing with negative experiences.

Dealing with these will eventually translate into you becoming a guy with more confidence and social skills. When this happens, you’ll attract more women.

Your intention has manifested indirectly.

Be aware of this indirect manifestation when you get negative feedback during your journey. It’s the long game you’re playing. It’s not about instant gratification.

In addition, through me can manifest as a non-chasing mindset when meeting girls. While you should be persistent with women, you should also let the chips fall where they may.

Don’t try to force a certain outcome, like getting a girl home or even keeping a girl in conversation.

It’s about riding the wave of the interaction, instead of forcing it to be something that it’s not.

You can always try, but you don’t force.

There’s nothing to win and nothing to lose

To develop more freedom of outcome, it’s vital to embody the importance paradox.

This paradox means viewing everything in your life as important, while at the same realizing it’s all unimportant.

If you view your life as important, you’ll take action to do the best you can. We take it for granted, but it’s mind-blowing that we exist in this moment.

Life is a precious gift you’ve received, so it’s crucial to make the most out of it.

Do everything you can to become better with girls because you deserve to be a guy who has incredible women in his life.

The adventures and experiences with girls are amazing.

On the other hand, you should realize the unimportance of your life because there’s nothing to win and nothing to lose.

It’s all a game we play.

You’re here to play the game of life, just for the sake of it.

Life is a fleeting experience that you can try to enjoy for as long as it lasts.

Stop taking everything in your life so serious. Let go of your flawed sense of self-importance.

If you think your desires are extremely important, you’ll be more attached to what happens in your life.

Of course, life is important, but compared to the entire earth, you’re a tiny speck of dust. Realise you’re on a big round rock floating through space, which is orbiting a ball of fire.

In our galaxy, also known as the milky way, astronomers estimate that there are about 300 billion stars. They estimate that there are at least 200 billion galaxies in the universe.

That’s mind-blowing.

But yeah bro … whether you get the girl on Saturday night is of major importance.

Everything is so fucking large, and you inhabit only a small piece of it with your limited consciousness.

The universe is incomprehensibly vast, and all your desires are so insignificant compared to it.

If you disagree with me, you’re stuck in personal ego. Ego wants to be seen as important. It wants to be the center of the universe.

But when you zoom out, how important are your petty little desires?

They aren’t important, and that realization provides freedom.

Is being rejected by a girl a big issue compared to the vastness of space and life?


So let go and enjoy the ride.

Try not to take yourself and what happens too seriously. Don’t be stuck in that ego.

To be clear, the importance paradox also applies when things seem to be going your way. Don’t make it more than it is when you’re getting results and are successful with girls.

Yes, it’s amazing when you pull a hot girl from the club and have mind-blowing sex with her. It’s also incredible when you meet and start dating an awesome girl.

You should feel gratitude for your improvements, but you shouldn’t build up that ego.

It’s easy to think that you’re now good with women and feel like the man. Then next weekend sucks, or a girl you really like flakes out on you.

This will then make you feel bad because you thought you were the man and awesome with girls.

I have had this exact experience a couple of times, but now I’ve learned to stay humble. Because even if you succeed, it’s all just a game.

A game where there’s nothing to win and nothing to lose.

Self-love is the key

The holy grail for detachment of outcome is self-love because it tackles the root cause of the need for results.

That’s because there’s a reason for desperately needing success. It’s not the result we’re after, but the feeling it gives us.

We need the results to feel happy and loved. It makes us feel complete, cool and masculine.

Since nothing external can ever truly satisfy you, these associations are destructive and false.

Having these kind of ideas means that you’re always reaching for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You never quite get what you want.

Even when you get it, you only want more after a while. With this mindset, success is like an addictive drug that you need to keep taking in order to get your high.

Fortunately, you can have what you want right now.

A big dose of self-love medicine will do the trick. When you have self love, external results don’t matter that much.

Results are nice, but they’re icing on the cake, rather than the ultimate goal. You’re already fulfilled and you’re not chasing them from a place of lack.

So where can you start if you want to develop more self-love? Well, it starts with realizing you’re enough.

Let that sink in for a moment.

You’re enough, and you don’t have to be anything more than you are right now. Every night out and every situation you encounter is good.

Whether you take a girl home or not isn’t important. As long as you take action towards what you want, it’s already awesome.

It’s okay.

Even if you think that it’s not okay, it’s still okay.

If you can develop this attitude, freedom of outcome will be a walk in the park.

Are you going to apply the 3 spiritual laws?

I became a lot better with girls when I started applying the spiritual laws described in this article.

In fact, I became a lot better in life since these concepts apply to every area of life.

The reason I’m sharing these ideas is that I hope they produce the same effects for you. I care about this because I know how it feels.

I know that it sucks to not have the dating life you want. I’ve been there, and it was a struggle to find my way.

Ultimately, the concepts described in this article work. If you apply them, they will help you attract women.

Do you know somebody who can benefit from these spiritual laws? Then it would be cool if you share this article with them.

If you’re hungry for more refreshing ideas on how to improve with women, check out our free ebook below.

Take care!

Thomas Murray

Thomas is the co-founder of DateGrowth and he creates content about dating, health and personal effectiveness. In his content he likes to combine psychology and spirituality. He is a digital nomad, morning meditator, green tea addict and an internet entrepreneur. His main goal is to provide you with personal development advice that actually works.

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