Dating for men: 4 Great habits for improving your dating life

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They say that you become what you repeatedly do. If you really want to improve your dating life you should make a habit of improving this area of your life.

It is especially important that you cultivate habits out of the actions and thought processes that make you more successful in this area.

I will share four clear examples of habits which helped me a lot. Are you ready?

Take action and keep going

The number one thing you should do is to make a habit of taking action and actually meeting girls. This may sound very logical, but there are legions of guys who procrastinate. They want to but they just don’t.

Some even use mental masturbation like reading thousands of articles about dating to give them the feeling that they are working on this area.

They need to know all the details of every aspect of dating to even try and start approaching girls. Are you this kind of guy? Please read some information on this website and actually USE it.

Habit 1: Try and commit yourself to an action plan for the next two months. For example approach at least one girl everyday except on Sunday or go out at least twice a week.

Why is this effective? Well you get better at playing guitar or business by actually doing it a lot. Same goes for getting better with girls. Try and do it a lot especially if you are just starting out.

Find positive influences

You have to take action to produce results in any area of your life. Same goes for improving your dating life. So make a habit of not putting up with negative people who repeatedly condemn the very actions that will bring you results in the long term.

Some people have all kinds of limiting and negative beliefs about approaching and meeting girls. They say it’s strange to work on this consciously, they find it needy or think that meeting a girl will just happen by itself.

Do yourself a big favor and find people who appreciate it when a man takes control of his life in this way. Find people who want to join you in the excitement and adventure of improving yourself.

It really pays off to have positive influences around you that uplift you regardless of the goals you are pursuing. Find new friends if your current friends don’t like what your doing. I know this can be hard, but it will benefit you big time.

Back in Holland I used to be part of DutchAttraction, a community of guys dedicated to help each other in a positive way to get what they want out of their dating life. I never go there anymore but I have made friends for life on there.

My advice is to follow your own way and if other people don’t like that then so be it. Please find other people who do because it makes growing so much more enjoyable.

Habit 2: Try to focus on cultivating relationships with people who have a positive attitude towards life, your goals and towards you. Leave the people who don’t.

You don’t have to be better than others

Some guys will get desired results quicker than others. This may be due to looks, already established personality traits, status or other things that may make a guy more attractive in the eyes of women.

Remember that you are trying to improve YOUR dating life. You don’t have to be better than others. Let this go and just improve from where you are at right now.

Make it a habit to look back and see how much you have improved. Try to really feel good about the little improvements or successes. It will make this whole thing much more fun.

Habit 3: When you notice yourself being jealous of the success that others have, remember that you are improving your dating life. You will get there with consistent effort. It takes time to change.

Try new stuff

There are many strategies that you can choose to improve your chances of hooking up with girls that you like. Some say you need to work with a structured strategy where you think more about what you are going to say and do.

Others say you must really focus on being in the moment and plan nothing. My advice would be to experiment with the different strategies you come across. It can really help you a lot.

Habit 4: Feel free to experiment especially if you are a beginner. Do you condemn certain strategies? Maybe this is holding you back.

These are the four habits that I would make any guy adopt who wants to meet, attract and keep quality women in his life. Do you have any habits that enable you to meet and attract more women in your life that you would want to share with us?

Thomas Murray

Thomas is the co-founder of DateGrowth and he creates content about dating, health and personal effectiveness. In his content he likes to combine psychology and spirituality. He is a digital nomad, morning meditator, green tea addict and an internet entrepreneur. His main goal is to provide you with personal development advice that actually works.

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