Thomas Murray

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Thomas is the co-founder of DateGrowth and he creates content about dating, health and personal effectiveness. In his content he likes to combine psychology and spirituality. He is a digital nomad, morning meditator, green tea addict and an internet entrepreneur. His main goal is to provide you with personal development advice that actually works.

3 Spiritual laws that will help you attract women

How successful would you be if you played a game without knowing the rules? Sadly, your best chance of winning would be through random luck, but losing would be more common. You would just be doing something without knowing what works, then hoping for the best result…

The zen of meeting girls in public transport

Public transport isn’t the kind of environment that you associate with something like Zen. There are people who complain about the late buses and you see lots of Apple Iphones with humans attached. There’s also the stressful rush hours and that guy who…

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